Industrial control processes can now enjoy full PLC functionality with a larger than ever 12.1”, 65K color-touchscreen.


This controller is a perfect fit for the food industry- with its IP66 rating, this unit is ideal wherever spray/wipe down applications apply. A wide variety of on board I/O options can be added by simply snapping a module onto the back of the PLC.
With additional expansion modules allowing up to 1000 I/O, these configurations include digital and analog inputs and outputs, high-speed I/O, PT100/Thermocouple capabilities, and weight measurement.

They can be mounted locally or remotely, up to 1000m from the controller. This power-PLC is equipped with a built-in USB programming port, recipe capabilities, Micro SD card memory storage for data logging and back up, complete PLC cloning and more.

Systems integrators can now rely on a single device: the Vision1210™ can support 24 auto-tuned PID loops to control temperature, level, and pressure, while the 16-bit, 12.1”,800X600 pixel SVGA color touch screen displays data, color trend graphs, and attention-grabbing alarm screens. Display options are almost endless, with more than 1024 user-designed screens, and up to 500 images per application. Internal memory holds 2MB of application logic, plus 1MB for fonts and 32MB for images.

Communication options include TCP/IP Ethernet, cellular, and industrial protocols such as MODBUS, DF1 slave, J1939, CANopen and more. In addition, the Vision1210™ can be ‘taught’ to communicate via almost any device-based protocol. The controller is also capable of time based and immediate interrupts, making it a natural for ‘rapid response’ applications such as packaging machines.


  • NEMA4X/IP66/IP65 (When panel mounted)
  • Fully Flat Fascia
  • 12.1” Color Touch screen, 64K Colors
  • Up to 1000 I/O; Supports Remote I/O
  • Digital, Analog, Temperature, Weight
  • Autotune PID 24 loops
  • 2MB Logic, up to 500 Images (32MB)
  • Cellular Communication- SMS, GPRS
  • Ethernet, Canbus, RS485, MODBUS RTU/IP, CANopen, J1939, SNMP
  • Web Server, send emails & attachments
  • SD Card, Datalogging, Recipes & Cloning
  • Built in Trends, Alarms, & Multilanguage Support