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YT Automation Singapore Pte Ltd

is an Industrial Automation Product and Application /Technical Support provider. We supply a comprehensive range of industrial automation controls products to various industries. As value-added distributor, we look to provide total system solutions to meet and satisfy customers’ needs and requirements for the benefits of the industry.


Featured Products  

Unitronics designs, manufactures, and markets advanced control and automation solutions. Easy to use, efficient, and affordable, our products have been automating processes, systems and standalone applications since 1989. Today, our field-proven products automate over 1 million installations in diverse fields, including petrochemicals, automotive, food processing, plastics & textiles, energy & environment, water & wastewater management – anywhere automated processes are required.



One Integrated Solution means that all components work together perfectly, every time. Unitronics’ hardware—PLC, HMI, I/Os, VFDs, AC Servos, and more—is backed by All-In-One software. Efficiently program all aspects of configuration, control, motion, HMI/Web design—easily integrate UniCloud and avoid dealing with multiple suppliers.



- Controllers: a Complete Range - PLC + HMI, PLC, Cloud Controllers

- Motion Control: Full lines of VFDs & Servos - Motion Made Simple

- All-in-One Programming Software - At No Extra Charge

- No-code IIoT Cloud Platform: UniCloud - Designed for Machine Builders


UniCloud is a complete, no-code IIoT Cloud Platform specifically designed for the OEM and Machine Builder. End-to-end, scalable and secure, UniCloud enables you to easily build customized Dashboards and use them to harvest, analyze, and leverage data to boost efficiency, trouble-shoot problems, and implement preventative maintenance—reducing your management overhead and leaving you time to grow your business.

You do not need programming or cloud development skills in order to commission and deploy UniCloud—you can benefit from IIoT services; increase your revenues, and save on costs without relying on programmers and cloud professional staff. 


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