Vision120™ : PLC with Graphic HMI & On-board I/Os

The Vision120™ is a palm-sized PLC with a built-in Operator Panel. The panel offers a graphic display screen and keypad. This small, powerful device supports up to 256 I/Os (on-board plus expansion modules). A rich range of embedded features include multiple auto-tuned PID loops, internal 120K structured data table, loadcell support, and communication options such as GSM/SMS, MODBUS, CANbus, function blocks that enable Vision to communicate with devices using proprietary COM protocols, plus remote access and data export software utilities.

The Graphic HMI display screen can show images, text, and graphs according to real-time parameters. It can also display graphs based on historical values, to reflect trends of recorded data. Vision120™ supports up to 255 user-designed screens, and up to 24 HMI variables per screen.

The Vision120™ is unique: it enables engineers and systems designers to benefit from a powerful PLC and a graphic HMI – within a bare minimum of budget, cabinet space, and wiring.

Our PLC/HMI integrated devices:

  • save our customers’ programming time, wiring, and cabinet space.
  • cut budget by reducing requirements for additional hardware
  • prevent you from wasting time setting up Panel-PLC communication




  • 10 Digital Inputs including 3 Inputs which can function as either high-speed counters, shaft encoders, frequency measurers or as normal digital inputs
  • 1 Analog Input
  • 6 Relay Outputs
  • Graphic Display
  • 2 RS232/RS485 Communication Ports (selectable)
  • MODbus
  • GSM support - enables SMS messages
  • 12/24 VDC power supply