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UnitronicsIntroduces:BACnet to Modbus Gateway


Unitronics, an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of integrated PLC + HMI controllers, is now releasing a new Building Automation System Gateway Interface.Unitronics  Building Automation System BACnet  Gateway Interface isanexternal, high performance, low cost gateway, providing control and access to the most widely used building automation protocol. The device provides protocol conversion between Unitronics' PLCs and BAS (Building Automation System) devices using BACnet IP and BACnet MSTP.


The Unitronics Gateway is based onthe industry leading FieldServer Technologies™ ProtoCessorProtoNode technology and set up using the intuitive software developedespecially for this application.This release, as well as Unitronics' latest releases, emphasizesagain Unitronics' global strategy:  providingsolutionsto meet dynamic customer needs.This Gateway will open the door to Unitronics distributors and customers for projects in Building management and relatedindustrial  systems.